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Introduction to David Ogden

David Ogden was born in Bournemouth England
in 1950 and served a short time in the Royal Navy, before taking up work as a sailing instructor, an injury in 1973 caused him to change his career path, joining a Marine Salvage Company, where he also studied to become a qualified as a Shipbroker, before becoming a consultant to an Oil Company in Aberdeen, Scotland.

David remained in Scotland working in Oil industry and it was here in 1999 that he was introduced to the sport of adventure racing when he was selected from a group of 50 employees to participate in the Elf Authentique Adventure in the Philippines. This race was a life changing event and in 2000 David took early retirement to follow his passion for adventure racing.

Adventure racing
is an expensive sport so David looked around for ways to supplement his income and explored a number of ways to build a home internet business opportunity including MLM and direct selling, as well as marketing and selling software on the Internet. One company that he came in contact with was Lyoness – a Shopping network. The Business operates in forty countries around the world and services over forty million customers. The Company has been around for over ten years and you can earn money by introducing your friends to the shopping network.

Lyoness is the perfect home business idea for women. Lyoness has a business plan which includes an optional unique program, which allows you to build your own shopping network business called Lyconet.

David is at present working his way through one of the most comprehensive home business opportunity online shopping systems on the internet at Lyoness

As David Say’s

“having tried a number of ways
of making money in the past there is nothing to beat it, The support is excellent.

Are You ready to follow your dream. If so I will help you.

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Country Information

The business operates in the :

USA, Canada, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Holland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Macao, Slovinia.

This Is Not MLM or Network Marketing!

Latest News
India is due to open for business this year


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